Move Better

Increases strength, endurance and improves muscle tone for better posture, balance and flexibility.

Sleep Better

Promotes healthier rest and relaxation habits, contributing to better regulation of the bodies natural sleep patterns.

Feel Better

Generates less pressure on the joints than floor exercise and may even help relieve stress & anxiety

What people are saying...

J. Abrams

“This class was so professional and the whole routine was challenging. I would definitely recommend this to a friend, and I'm hoping the classes will be offered weekly.”

L. Munoz

“BAFF was fantastic! It was easy yet effective. The most challenging part for me was the arm lifts, leg and knee raises; but it was a nice mix of low and medium intensity exercises.

A. Adenike

"I just wanted to try it out. My Physical Therapist recommended me for the class. It was phenomenal! Bed Aerobics helps me get moving in the morning and it gets easier and easier every day."

2-Day Live Zoom Course: Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow

Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow 2 Days Class (Sat 9 am - 11 am & Sun 11 am & 1 pm)

This course includes:

  • 90 min. live tutorial of the 18 exercises.
  • 18 printable affirmations in digital PDF format
  • Bed Aerobic Fitness Flow enhanced e-book with over 100 graphic images and pictures.
  • Over 18 videos demonstrating the unique and effective bed exercise format

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Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow

18 Mind-Body Bed Exercises for Strength, Flexibility & Balance

Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow is a "no excuses" home fitness routine that improves strength, flexibiilty, balance and cardio endurance for individuals of all ages, genders, and fitness levels.

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