Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow Online Course


This course includes: All original materials including Ebook, 18 dynamic instructional videos detailing how to perform each of the 18 Flow steps, plus 4 hours of live fitness workshop and fitness instruction. ALL FITNESS LEVELS ARE WELCOME. We promise you will be transformed by this class and recommend it to your friends and loved ones ;-)

  • 90 min. of live demonstrations of the 18 exercises.
  • 18 affirmations in digital form
  • Bed Aerobic Fitness Flow enhanced e-book
  • Bed Aerobic Fitness Flow videos
  • free registration to the e-newsletter filled with health tips, recipes, upcoming classes, and events.

What you’ll learn

  • “no-excuse” bed exercise system that helps to improve flexibility, build strength, increase mobility and burn fat --all from the comfort, convenience and privacy of your very own bed.
  • a series of 18 exercises, consisting of calisthenics, resistance and flexibility style exercises that are linked in one smooth, continuous flow of motion.
  • 18 biblically inspired powerful affirmations each of which are integrated strategically within the series of 18 exercises.
  • how to use the four exercise categories recommended by the American Heart Association strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance for a balance workout

Note: the following testimonials are transcribed from an anonymous survey questionnaire distributed to participants at Emblem Health Neighborhood Care in New York City.


Structured Bed Exercise Class at Emblem Neighborhood Health (2014-2015)

“This was my first time taking this class, I was curious about bed exercise. I really enjoyed performing the exercises and stretching my muscles was the most challenging for me. I would like to see it offered as a weekly class at Emblem!”

“The most challenging section of the routine for me was the hip/leg rotation exercises. Some of the movements were harder, some easier …for those who are doing the workout for the first time, go at your own pace. I loved the meditation at the end.”

“I enjoyed the core exercises and leg stretches the best!”

“The instructor, Monifa Maat is very good! Bed Aerobics was challenging but very important for my medical condition.”

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