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Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow: 18 Mind-body exercises for strength, flexibility & balance

This stunning, bright blue and yellow soft cover manual book will quickly become a collector’s item and coffee table book that will inspire many conversations!

Contains over 100 color photographs and graphics offering a unique display of exercise techniques for gaining greater strength, flexibility & balance which are"spirit-filled" and effective . Each exercise step is paired with a powerful, inspirational affirmation that expresses the connection between fitness and faith and includes biblical references that inspired the affirmation.

BAFF contains 18 powerful health and wellness affirmations along with clear, easy to read instructions helping the reader to easily follow along. A bonus chapter is included with Monifa Maat’s 7 healthy lifestyle and nutrition tips based on her critically acclaimed weekly wellness column & blog “52 Can-Do’s: Healthy Lifestyle Solutions for each week of the year!

This unique and informative book is destined to become a collectors item for many faith-based institutions, congregations, bible-study meetings, libraries, wellness organizations, and any organization where people are seeking individual self-empowerment through the Spirit!

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