Earn your Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow Certification Now!

Attention Health Providers! Learn how Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow (BAFF) can help individuals with chronic health and mobility challenges to progressively build strength in body, mind & spirit for a better quality of life.

"I'm an active 60+ year old and to think I don't have to get out of bed to do these exercises and the results are amazing..."

--H. Ivory, Bronx, New York

"I am an avid exerciser but since chronically injuring my ankle over two years ago , I have been unable to resume my normal exercise routine. In just a short time BAFF has allowed me to continue exercising with comfort ‎, while rebuilding the confidence I lost due to my injury. "

--J. Laboard, New York, NY

" The exercises are easy, anyone can do it. Most importantly I feel good about me emotionally and physically...I feel strong."

--C. Ruiz, New York, NY

Certification materials include print book, DVD, audio book and audio MP3/CD. Classes are currently offered at Southbridge Fitness Center (2 locations - Manhattan & Brooklyn - New York).

Fitness and allied health Professionals:

Total hours: 16

2 sessions per week / 2 hours per session Duration: 4 Weeks

Clinical Professionals, Rehabilitation:

Total hours: 4

1 session per week / 2 hours per session. Duration: 2 Weeks


Southbridge Fitness Center, 66 Frankfort Street, NY, NY 10038

Southbridge Fitness Center, 322 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205

Hours: 8AM - 8PM

To schedule contact:

Email: info@southbridgefitnesscenter.com

Call us at 347-889-5192 between 10am - 3pm