Health Care Workers: Introducing Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow Certification Course NEW!

Attention Health Care Workers! Learn how Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow (BAFF) can help individuals with chronic health and mobility challenges including bed rest to progressively build bone density and muscle strength, while conditioning the mind & spirit to help you move better, sleep better and feel better than ever.

"I'm an active 60+ year old and to think I don't have to get out of bed to do these exercises and the results are amazing..."

--H. Ivory, Bronx, New York

"I am an avid exerciser but since chronically injuring my ankle over two years ago , I have been unable to resume my normal exercise routine. In just a short time BAFF has allowed me to continue exercising with comfort ‎, while rebuilding the confidence I lost due to my injury. "

--J. Laboard, New York, NY

" The exercises are easy, anyone can do it. Most importantly I feel good about me emotionally and physically...I feel strong."

--C. Ruiz, New York, NY

Rehabilitation specialist, nurses, home health attendants, community health workers, fitness trainers, and anyone in search of a private, convenient, affordable and effective way to build a more fit and flexible body --

In this unique 8-session course you'll learn how to perform 18 mind-body exercises designed specifically to be practiced on a bed safely and effectively to increase your strength, flexibility and balance.

Monifa Maat's uniquely simple method of “no-excuses” total body stretching, toning and core strengthening exercises combine mind, body and spirit movement techniques that will change the way you view the delivery of exercise and kickstart you and your clients journey towards a more healthful, holistic and fitness oriented lifestyle.

Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow small group classes are taught on the floor using typical floor mats, then designed to be practiced one one’s bed daily as a therapeutic fitness regimen. BAFF is also a perfect cross-training exercise for tired muscles and sports recovery.

Included in this Course:

  • Full color picture/graphic instructional book
  • Enhanced ebook that includes...
  • 18 short video tutiorials. (Materials valued at over $60).

Course Details:

Begins January 7th - 30th 2019

Every Tuesday &Thursday (7pm - 8pm)

Total course hours: 8

Course Location:

Southbridge Fitness Center, 66 Frankfort Street, NY, NY 10038 (Directions)

For more Information: 3 ways to contact:

Email: [email protected]

Text: Text "BAFF" to 917-497-7596

Leave us a message: 212-964-4414