Attention: Teachers, caregivers, health workers, and YOU! Want to move better, feel better and sleep better?


Online Course

Includes 90 min. LIVE INSTRUCTION when you complete the course (via Zoom).

With Fitness Instructor and Creator/Author Monifa Maat

Learn the Secrets of Self-Care with Bed Aerobics Fitness Flow

Attract and attain more clients with this completely NEW Mind/Body/Spirit concept that helps you and your clients cope better with stress, while at the same time achieve a toned, stretched, healthier body in your own bed!

This course includes:

  • 4 hours of live demonstration and instruction of the 18 exercises.
  • 18 affirmations in digital form
  • Bed Aerobic Fitness Flow enhanced e-book
  • Bed Aerobic Fitness Flow videos
  • recorded Live Video from the class
  • free registration to the e-newsletter filled with health tips, recipes, upcoming classes, and events.

What you’ll learn

  • “no-excuse” bed exercise system that helps to improve flexibility, build strength, increase mobility and burn fat --all from the comfort, convenience and privacy of your very own bed.
  • a series of 18 exercises, consisting of calisthenics, resistance and flexibility style exercises that are linked in one smooth, continuous flow of motion.
  • 18 biblically inspired powerful affirmations each of which are integrated strategically within the series of 18 exercises. How to use the four exercise categories recommended by the American Heart Association strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance for a balance workout